The Benefits of Ketamine Infusions for Long Term Care

If ever the conversation about anxiety, depression and PTSD came to the surface, it is in these days in which we live right now, and the benefits of ketamine infusions have become a popular solution. The past 18 months have impacted pretty much everyone in our neighborhoods and society in general. Whether the issue is health related due to COVID-19, job loss, the impact of virtual learning on our children, or just having been bombarded with news about death and destruction from natural disasters, we have all been through a lot.

The impact of drugs and alcohol on anxiety and depression.

Over 40 million adults, ages 18 and older suffer from some form of anxiety. Unfortunately, the way many people cope is to find ways to anesthetize their feelings through drugs and alcohol. The irony is that while having a few drinks is meant to calm your nerves, it often has an adverse effect. Alcohol is actually a depressant. Drinking too much alcohol can lead to a vicious cycle of bringing you down, so then you feel like you need to have a drink to “cheer you up.” The problem is, once the buzz wears off, you are still left with depressed feelings. This can lead you down a rabbit hole that will only create more problems of alcohol abuse down the road.

Some people turn to medications to treat anxiety and depression. Xanax is a popular treatment for anxiety. People who are prescribed Xanax often rely on it for extended periods of time and I it can be addictive. Again, in the case of medications like Xanax, there may be some temporary relief from the feelings of anxiety, but those feelings creep back in once the pills wear off. This makes you want to take more, and the cycle of addiction comes around before you realize it.


While addiction can be an overwhelming physical manifestation, the worst-case scenario for people who are suffering through the ups and downs of chemical abuse can lead to suicidal thoughts. This can be especially difficult for teens who are not as aware of the impact that substance abuse can have on their body and mental stability. The results can literally be deadly.

Ketamine Infusion therapy as an alternative.

Based on the need to come up with an alternative to medications for reducing anxiety and other mental health issues, researchers have turned to Ketamine Infusions. Ketamine is a drug that, in the past, was used as an anesthesia during operations or as a pain killer for post-surgical procedures as an alternative to morphine, which can be addictive.

Ketamine has had a negative reputation over the past few years, because it was obtained illegally and marketed on the street as a recreational drug. Just as opioids have been misused as an addictive drug when they fall into the wrong hands and not used properly under a physician’s care, Ketamine should not be purchased or administered without professional supervision. As a result, the medical profession only prescribes Ketamine as an intravenous therapy which is monitored and highly regulated.

Ketamine Infusions 2

How Ketamine infusions work.

When someone has been diagnosed with depression or anxiety, their doctor will most likely prescribe medication as a first line of treatment. In some cases, these medications work and can be very helpful. But in other cases, medications either do not work or become less effective over time, and medical experts believe that Ketamine infusions are appropriate.

When a doctor prescribes Ketamine infusions, it is administered in the safety of a professional office. The patient is under the constant care and supervision of medical professionals. The infusion is given in a comfortable setting. The infusions enter the bloodstream and offer fast relief, and the session lasts for about an hour. Once administered, the effects last anywhere from days to weeks.

Most professionals will suggest that a patient undergo several infusions to make sure the desired impact takes effect. During the entire process, the patient’s emotional and physical state is closely monitored to determine the number of infusions, how they are working and when it is no longer necessary to come in for treatments.

Ketamine Infusions 3

Ketamine Infusions for teens and young adults.

Adolescence is a tough life stage. Hormones are changing the biometrics of a young person’s body and mood swings, depression, and anxiety can be a huge factor in how young people react to their surroundings. Add to that the environmental impact of normal social pressures, let alone the stress of COVID-related issues, and there is a higher than usual propensity to abuse drugs and alcohol.

When adolescents are feeling depressed or anxious, one of the worst outcomes can be suicidal thoughts. They may not share these feelings with their parents or other adults in their lives. However, parents who are aware that their kids have symptoms of depression, including isolation, mood swings, not eating and a drop in grades, often seek help.

Some parents turn to talk therapy, which can be helpful. Some rely on their doctors to prescribe anti-depressants or anxiety medications. These medications can be difficult to wean young people off of, as it can impact so many aspects of their clarity in thinking, moods, weight fluctuations and mental health. It is another reason why having an alternative to the medication route is so important.

One of the benefits of Ketamine infusions for teens and young adults is that they feel the weight of depression lifted almost immediately. There is no ramping up period as with medications. With the weight of depression off their shoulders and clear thinking, they can learn the coping mechanisms that will help them to relieve depression or anxiety without the need for ongoing medications. Plus, because Ketamine is not an addictive prescription, they can discontinue treatments once they learn the coping skills they need to feel better.


The first step towards a drug free solution to a brighter and happier approach to life is to discuss all of the various remedies with your doctor. If you both feel that an alternative to medications is the healthiest, most immediate and best long-term solution, Ketamine infusions are a great way to find short term relief and long-lasting benefits.