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Ketamine Infusion Treatments for
Conroe & Montgomery County

An increasing number of Americans are experiencing debilitating anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress that ketamine infusions may be able to help with. Up to now, many individuals have been forced to rely solely on oral medication for treatment of even severe cases, but these infusions may offer new hope to some patients and can be as close as their local urgent care.

Before considering a ketamine infusion, learn more about what it is, if you can get one, side effects, and the benefits. With this information at your fingertips, you can make a more educated decision about whether these infusions are right for you, and then discuss them with a healthcare professional.

What Is Ketamine?

One of the most important things to know before getting an infusion is the substance being administered, what it is and what it does. Ketamine is largely considered a synthetic compound used to yield anesthetic effects in patients who are in severe need of sedation and pain relief.

Ketamine has been used for years primarily for treating chronic pain, combat injuries, and in dire conditions found in intensive care facilities. Currently, it is being offered by many urgent care centers in the form of infusions to patients experiencing debilitating and severe anxiety, mood disorders, and pain related to chronic illnesses.

Eligibility for Ketamine Infusions

To find out if you are eligible to receive ketamine infusions, it is best to speak with a medical professional. Typically, these infusions can be recommended for patients who are experiencing severe:


Generalized Anxiety

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD

Mood Disorders

Some Pain Related Illnesses

There are some medications that are not recommended to be used in conjunction with ketamine infusions. This may involve stopping a medication before, during, and after an infusion, especially when it comes to anxiety medications. If you are currently on anxiety medications or have other underlying health conditions, speak with your provider to see if taking them impacts your eligibility for ketamine infusions.

How Ketamine Infusions Work

Like with most infusions, patients are usually seated in a reclining chair for which they will remain for the duration of the infusion which can last up to an hour in some cases. It is somewhat normal for patients to feel some mild sedation or pain relief, but they should not lose consciousness. During and after the treatment, it is possible that a patient could experience visual distortions as they relate to light and color.

Ketamine infusions can vary in how long they last for patients, based on their unique circumstances and physical condition. The desired effects of a single infusion could last days or weeks depending on the patient, and with subsequent infusions those effects may last even longer.

Most providers will administer a minimum of two infusions for new patients, and for some that number may be higher. From that point, the schedule for future infusions will depend on several important factors including a patient’s medical history and the state of their mood.

Potential Side Effects of Ketamine Infusions

Ketamine is largely regarded as a safe treatment as long as it is used in a clinical setting. There are some potential side effects which are related to sensory distortions such as in light and color. Most patients report these effects as not harmful, but noticeable.

It is critical for patients to relay any underlying health conditions as well as medications they are currently taking to their ketamine infusion provider. Some medications may need to be stopped for the infusions and certain medical conditions may require additional considerations.

Benefits of Ketamine Infusions

The conditions such as severe generalized anxiety and depression that ketamine infusions may help with are also often treated with certain oral medications. However, there are some benefits of ketamine infusions that may not be found in those medications such as:

  • Rapid relief. Many oral medications for generalized anxiety can take up to a month to reach their full potential for reducing anxiety, which can be frustrating for individuals who need relief. Patients who receive infusions typically experience more rapid relief that can sometimes be felt in is little as a day or so after treatment.
  • Effectiveness. Many patients reported feeling that the infusions effectively helped them manage symptoms associated with severe depression, anxiety, and pain relief in a shorter period of time than oral medication therapy.
  • Convenience. The infusions typically last up to an hour with some post-treatment observation required and can be convenient in that they may be obtained at a local urgent care and can provide fast results.

Finding the Right Provider

The administering of ketamine infusions is still a serious business despite their increasing popularity. These treatments can yield the benefits of reduced pain and negative feelings, but they should not be underestimated in the ways they may impact the human body.

It is critical to find a provider who is well educated and trained in administering the procedure as well as mitigating bothersome effects of it in a patient. To have a greater degree of confidence in the provider and the procedure, it is wise to discuss the number of infusions a provider has done as well as their experience with those cases.

Getting Ketamine Infusions at Urgent Care

Years ago, infusions were primarily administered in hospitals, but decades later, infusions are becoming more widely available outside hospital walls and are offered to patients at some urgent care centers. While urgent care centers have historically treated minor injuries, wounds, and illnesses, many are now expanding the scope of their services to include ketamine infusions.

Urgent care also offers the added bonus of convenience.  They are open on weekdays usually past the normal close of business, which enables patients to come in after work. Many also offer limited weekend hours which can be more conducive to a busy work and school schedule. Most notably, urgent care centers do not require appointments and walk ins are welcome.

For more information about ketamine infusions and if they are right for you, contact your local urgent care today.