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Illnesses We Treat for Conroe & Montgomery County

A variety of illnesses are a common concern for families and individuals in almost every season: cold and flu in the winter, sinus infections and fever in the spring, swimmer’s ear infections in the summer, and stomach viruses in the fall. At times it can seem like a never-ending cycle. Considering many of these ailments come on suddenly, finding fast, quality care is a priority, and these are only a sample of the illnesses we treat.

Good hygiene rules such as washing your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap after using the bathroom and before eating can go a long way toward preventing common illnesses, but an uncovered sneeze or a wet cough could undo those efforts.

Particularly in places where large numbers of people gather such as schools, businesses, grocery stores, etc., germs can be easily shared.  In these scenarios, individuals may be more susceptible to germ exposure that could eventually require treatment from a medical professional.

However, one of the biggest problems patients can face is when illnesses strike after business hours or on the weekend, when doctors’ offices are typically closed. Particularly in cases like these, urgent care centers can be the ideal solution.

Urgent care facilities are typically open well past the normal business hours of nine to five and frequently offer limited hours on the weekend. This provides those battling minor illnesses some flexibility in finding a convenient time to get themselves proper medical attention. In addition, urgent care is designed to serve primarily walk in patients, making appointments largely unnecessary.

While it is true that most urgent care centers are equipped to handle minor emergencies, many of these clinics are also able to treat common illnesses such as strep throat, flu, stomach flu, and more. Our Conroe urgent care staff are trained to address a number of non-life-threatening conditions and help patients find some relief.

There are a variety of common conditions that may require treatment at urgent care, and here are some of the illnesses we treat:

Cold and Cough

Colds are largely harmless but can certainly make people miserable. A headache, frequent sneezing, a runny and stuffy nose, and general malaise are the hallmarks of a cold. This condition can also result in a nagging cough. While antibiotics are generally unsuccessful in treating this type of viral infection, a medical professional may be able to treat some of the symptoms, giving the patient some much needed relief.


In fall and winter, flu season often makes the local and national news headlines with a map illustration showing the number of cases diagnosed in each state. To hopefully minimize the effects of having the flu, patients can choose to be proactive and get a flu shot. Those who do contract the flu can expect to experience a fever, nasal congestion, persistent cough, sore throat, achy muscles, severe headaches, and extreme fatigue. The earlier the flu is diagnosed, the more options there are to treat symptoms. At the first sign of possible flu symptoms, it is important to be tested right away.

Stomach Aches

Although they are sometimes referred to as the stomach flu, stomachaches can be the result of everything from food poisoning to a stomach bug to other more serious conditions. Patients experiencing a persistent stomach ache along with symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea should request a medical evaluation as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of severe dehydration.

Ear Infections

While many people think of ear infections as something only children get, this painful condition can also affect adults. Whether it is the result of a cold, a sinus issue, or even swimmer’s ear, patients in extreme pain may want to seek out help from a medical professional to treat the pain.


When a fever manifests itself, it is often a sign that the body is fighting something. Some fevers are fairly low and may not require any attention at all. However, extremely high fevers could be the sign of a more serious condition and may require immediate medical attention.

Sinus Infections

Symptoms such as swollen, inflamed, and painful nasal cavities as well as headaches can be signs of a sinus infection. Although the condition is frequently caused by a virus, a sinus infection can still exist well after many of the virus symptoms have cleared. Particularly for patients who experience sinus infection symptoms for longer than a week, it is a good idea to follow up with a physician.

Strep Throat

If experiencing a sore throat that makes it painful to swallow, it may be time to visit the urgent care for a strep test. The staff can swab the throat and have results back in minutes. Those testing positive for strep throat often require antibiotic treatment.

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

Symptoms such as an urgency to urinate, cloudy, bloody or foul smelling urine, pain or a feeling of pressure in the belly or back may point to a urinary tract infection. UTIs are very common and require a simple urine sample to diagnose the infection.

When it comes to the illnesses we treat, make plans to visit your local Conroe urgent care center for a diagnosis, some relief, and a healthy dose of peace of mind.