New Year, New You: Small Health Changes That Will Make a Big Impact

Ahhh, the New Year; a time that holds so much hope and promise. We make resolutions and we commit to starting the year fresh and aiming to improve upon ourselves. Often times we aim high, fall short, get discouraged and eventually resort back to our old habits. Let’s make 2019 different, shall we?

The key to making New Year’s resolutions actually stick is BABY STEPS. Don’t commit to a huge lifestyle change that has the potential to overwhelm you and set you up for failure. Here are some smaller resolutions you can make to set yourself on the right path to a healthier you in 2019.

Eat Healthier. You’ve heard it before, but I’ll say it again regardless: eating healthy is a LIFESTYLE. Make small adjustments over time to slowly build toward an overall healthier eating lifestyle. Things like: add a serving of vegetables to every meal, limit (don’t completely avoid) sugar intake, don’t eat past 6pm, etc. You can work these into your routine slowly, one at a time, without being overwhelmed or feeling deprived. Before you know it, you’ll be healthier and happier for it!

Research Diet Fads. If you want to change your eating habits more drastically than the steps above, then RESEARCH the different ways and find out what is the healthiest and most maintainable route for you to take. Keto is big right now, but is keto right for you? Just because it works for your friend doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you. We’re all different — our bodies are different, our lifestyles are different, our genetics are different, our schedules are different; make sure you find something that suits YOU.

Drink More Water. This is the easiest and most reliable way to improve your health and lose some weight — and trust us, the benefits of weight loss for overall health make it VERY worth increasing your water intake. Not to mention that the increased hydration will improve your skin’s appearance and help keep wrinkles at bay (be right back, going to chug some water).  

Preventive Care. Preventive care plays a large part in keeping important items in good shape and running properly — car maintenance, home maintenance, vaccinations for pets, conditioning leather items to keep them supple, sunscreen to prevent burns, etc. So why shouldn’t we do a little preventive maintenance on ourselves? After all, our lives are THE most important thing — without them we’d have nothing else.

Enter Genotyping. Genotyping captures and maps some of the most important sections of your DNA sequence. We know that certain sections of DNA have sequences that associate with characteristics — and genotyping “cherry-picks” those sections to give us insight on your genetics — what diseases you are genetically predisposed to, food sensitivities, macronutrients (the specific ratio of fat, carbs and proteins your diet should include), whether you should use supplements or not, etc. Genotyping allows us to have a better overall understanding of health and diet by identifying what your body will benefit the most from, and also what it’s predisposed to, so you can watch for warning signs more vigilantly.

New year, new you starts NOW. Take control and take care of yourself, because you can’t pour from an empty cup.